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Succulent Arrangement

Succulent Arrangement

  • Care Instructions

    1. Make sure to water soil directly and not on plants themselves.  This allows for proper soil dampening. *NOTE* Succulents, unlike other plants, "breathe" through their root systems. Watering too much can lead to death or "suffication" to the plant.
    2. DO NOT water frequently.  A good "rule-of-thumb" for watering our succulents is once every 10 days - following item #1.
    3. No direct sunlight for longer than 6 hours.  Succulents LOVE the sunlight, but too much can cause them to burn.  We also recommend rotating your succulents every few weeks to keep them more balanced with the light.  This is especially important for our smaller arrangements as they are more sensitive to the sun.
    4. Our arrangements come with PH Balanced, well draining soil and pots.  No need to re-plant or re-pot.
    5. We hope you enjoy your plants and are always available for any questions, comments, or concerns at
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